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We have now on sale our new cd “Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie”.

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We are back!

Greetings to all!

After a long time without showing signs of life, it is a pleasure to bring you news:

Within a very short time we will have new edition of ELDERDAWN on the street, in the form of CD compilation, by the hand of the Semen seal of Orco Muerto Producciones.

From now you can reserve your copy, as it will be a limited edition, in digipack format and at a very reduced price: € 5 plus shipping.

The work will be entitled “Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie” and will consist of material recorded at different times in the band’s history, and not edited to date, including adaptations of themes from other groups, material Live and alternative versions of both classic and unpublished songs composed for our “ghost disc”, “Parasomnia”.

The album cover, which you can see accompanying these lines, is the work of the Spanish artist Julian Solana, who has also commissioned the artwork “Parasomnia”, our second full length, which we hope to be able to edit, finally, soon.

The album includes the participation of the 11 invited vocalists who collaborated in the recording of the album “Parasomnia”, such as Albert Conejero (Evadne), Berenice Musa (Tears of Martyr) or Miguel “Patillas” (Omission).

The repertoire of “Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie” is as follows:

1. At The Threshold (original mix).

2. In Your Eyes (original mix).

3. Zombie (The Cranberries cover).

4. Maniac (Michael Sembello cover).

5. Passion (Spanish version).

6. The Hellion / Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover).

7. At The Threshold (original mix).

8. In Your Eyes (original mix).

9. Illeven (live).

We will confirm your departure date shortly. Stay tuned!

We Still Alive!

Still alive : New album available soon, concert with Su Ta Gar , offers Web store.

Despite the lack news from a year ago , as you can see below, the activity of the group has not stopped :

After a time dedicated to the composition of new material and recording of previous demos, dumps are currently recording our second studio album. The process is quite advanced , having completed so far the drums, bass and rhythm guitars , pending the lead guitars , keyboards and vocals , plus some special collaboration .

For now, I anticipate that the album is a concept album consisting of 11 tracks, and have also recorded a version of a classic heavy metal, converted in the style of the group. Coming confirm the final title of the album, and we will give more details about the tracklist, collaborations, artwork , etc. . , And post some pictures in the studio.

Moreover, before the end of the year , Elderdawn will be back on stage. It will be on Saturday 29 December, opening for the band Su Ta Gar Gipuzkoa , in the room Ritmo y Compas Madrid. Use the occasion to release live a couple of songs from the new album and to count on the collaboration of Andrew Gabarron low ( Mirror Maze ) . In brief hang the concert poster and report schedules and prices . We hope to see you all there.

Special Offer : In a Christmas that unfortunately will be marked by the crisis , we make it easy to give original music : Until January 6, 2013 , and only through our online store , you can purchase the CD debut of Elderdawn ‘ Empty Words’ for just 3 eur, plus shipping . Cheer up , few units that are left !

Keep you informed … Up the fuckin ‘ Elders !

Elderdawn makes it to the national radio waves!!

The band hits the national network through RN3, main spanish music public station, on its metal program “El vuelo del Fénix”.
Last monday (22-10-2012), The Covenant of the Last Awake was aired, along with a small band profile.
You can listen in Press section, or listen to it here

We are proud to keep fighting for our music !!

We’d like to send a ver special ‘thank you’ to Juanma Sánchez and all of EVDF crew for giving us this chance!!