2002 – Juanpa Pérez (guitars & vocals) and David Barreña (drums) create Elderdawn, seeking a personal style and sound. Combining death & black metal aggressiveness along with the heavy & power metal melodies and gothic atmospheres, they try to escape from musical styles clichés and limitations. After setting the foundations of the band, Javier Sierra joined them on the bass.

2003 – Elderdawn went through a lot of line – up changes: singers, guitar & keyboards players…… but finally, David Infantes joins Elderdawn as keyboards player inspiring orchestral and some techno touch to the songs. The band’s first performance takes place in Ritmo & Compás (Madrid).

2004 – Elderdawn’s first self-produced promo CD is recorded! “2004” includes three tracks and gets an excellent approval from fans and national & international press and gets premiered live at Thanatos Metalfest, in R&C (Madrid). Their songs could be heard on several on-line stations and pubs. Jorge García joins the band as bass player at the end of the year.

2005 – Elderdawn performs a presentation mini gig in Puerto de Sagunto and Valencia (in ‘Tras el telón’ and ‘Paberse matao’ clubs), Hell on Heaven Fest in Gruta 77 (Madrid) and Teima Rock festival in Vigo. Elderdawn also participates in Emergenza music contest, but gets disqualified prior to the finals, after an issue with the contest’s crew. The band plays in ‘Ritmo & Compás’, ‘La Sala’ and ‘Arena’ venues (Madrid), receiving excellent reviews from media and an impressive support from the audience and performs a couple of interviews in “metal” radio stations as well.

2006 – Relevant changes in the band bring an end to an era of uncertainty. Several members leave and are replaced by many others: Miguel Pulido takes the position of vocalist and brings service recording a new promo CD, “MMVI”, which includes 7 tracks. Shortly after, Alberto Acuña ( keyboards) and Juanjo Alcaraz (guitars) join the family.

2007 – Paula Pineda joins the band as a violoncellist, adding a new & original touch to Elderdawn’s sound. The band strikes again in the metal stages of Madrid, playing in venues such as: Gruta 77, Silikona and Ritmo & Compás. At this time, Eduardo Olmos joins the crew as the new drummer. With this line up, Elderdawn opens for Dimmu Borgir at La Riviera, in Madrid, and also participates in the extreme metal festivals: Akelarre-Fest and Antichristmass-Fest, toghether with several outstanding spanish bands such as Runic, Dreamaker & Atsphear. After a long casting and trialship, Jose A. Gallardo (Mirror Maze) becomes Elderdawn’s new singer.

2008 – Soon the band starts focusing on rehearsals and composition. The old songs are re-imagined to fit the new melodic – aggressive singing style and the band changes bearing towards the imminent recording of a new album.

2009 – Elderdawn enters the studio to record their first album ‘Empty Words’. The recording process is a bit tricky and gets interrupted several times due to some personal issues between members of the band. The delay ends with the departure of Alberto and Paula.

2010 – The recording sessions and mixing are over and the brand new Album is available for everybody in the band’s official website. Miguel Ferrero (Chaser) and Manuel Ávila (Morior Ergo Sum, Unfinished Disharmony…) join the band and the concert activity begins to flow once again with many shows in Madrid, including one special gig with guests from renowned national bands (Rancor, Dawn of Tears, Pimea Metsa…) in R&C venue. The band also covers Michael Sembello’s classic ‘Maniac’.

2011 – Due to a high demand, Elderdawn releases a physical edition of ‘Empty Words’ with Santo Grial Producciones.